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Discussion List


Instructions for joining the "Milwaukee Electric Discussion List".

The Milwaukee Electric discussion list is available to anybody who wishes to discuss any aspect of Southeastern Wisconsin traction, transit or rail history.
Discussion of anything pertaining to past or present transportation topics such as transportation policies and politics is also encouraged.
Subscribing instructions:
To subscribe, you can click on one of the options below and
continue by filling in the Subject and Body as indicated.

        You can subscribe by sending the message  --  subscribe  --  in
the subject line and in the body of the message to

        ((--If you need to unsubscribe for vacation or other reason,
then send mail to same address as above but just put  --  unsubscribe 
--  in the body of the message!--))

An alternate method of subscribing is by copying the following directly
into the  *Subject:*  line:::::::    --  subscribe milwaukee-electric 
--  and clicking here for the mail window:::::::

The list owner is Derrick Brashear,
if you have any problems.
Once you subscribe to the list, please e-mail me with your identity, so I can introduce you to the group. All I receive is your e-mail address and no other identifying data.

We look forward to you joining us.